Keep in Touch

Title: Keep in Touch
Location: The Cooper House Myrtle Beach
Link out: Click here
Description: I would like to invite you to check out Send Out Cards. It is a fantastic way to stay in touch.
For personal use: Act on your promptlngs
Imagine never forgetting another occasion, birthday, anniversary, a special time in your life. The website prompters will tell you an event is coming and take you directly to the card catalog, you’ll be able to add a gift with the click of a mouse.
Have all your addresses in one place that you can access from anywhere in the world
Take the pressure off Christmas. You can start writing Christmas Cards in any month; put in the date you want them sent and you are done.
Run into a friend that mentions someone is ill; you can get on line and send a card wishing them a speedy recovery anytime, day or night.
For business use:
In Addition to all of the above; you can use the data base to categorize your clients and stay in touch.
People/Clients don’t want to be “Sold” every time they hear from you. There has to be the human factor, that fact you care about them as a human, care about them or give them a “tip”.
Send them a congratulatory card of something you read or heard about them
Prospecting is made easy because it is automatic. You can set up a card campaign to automatically send out a card at whatever intervals you wish, for years out.
Let us introduce this to you on Friday, August 26, 2011 6:30pm – 9pm.
There is no fee to come and check it out, light refreshments will be served.
Your next question is…… much will this cost?
How about $9.80 per month which includes 10 cards or 20 post cards. If you like it; come back on Saturday at 8:30 for a training seminar on how to use the system or just go through the tutorials on the website.
You can make a card with all your own pictures or choose from 15,000 premade cards.
People will want to know how you make such amazing cards and are able to remember every occasion.
There is no obligation, call Cooper House for your reservation, 236-7077
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2011-08-26
End Time: 21:00