High Tea – True or False

2014-06-01 02.55.05There are many questions and misconceptions of high tea gatherings. Here is the scoop.

1. The type of tea cup indicates its origin.   True, the design, material (glass, copper or porcelain) tells you where the cup or tea pot was made.

2. The word “High” depicts the time of day.  False, high indicates the size of the table, it is a full sized table as opposed to small coffee table.

3. Tea originated in England.  False, the Chinese have been drinking tea since recorded time.  It reached England sometime between 1653-1658.

4. The tradition of afternoon tea originated in England.  True, about 1840 The Duchess of Bedford grew tired of the of the sinking feeling which afflicted her every afternoon around 4 o’clock, she asked for a tray of tea, bread and butter, and cake to be brought to her room.  This spread among her friends and the event became increasingly elaborate.

Now you know. Schedule your next High Tea event at The Cooper House.