A Thanksgiving Murder Mystery

Cooper House GardensTitle: A Thanksgiving Murder Mystery
Location: The Cooper House
Description: A Thanksgiving Murder Mystery

It’s almost Thanksgiving! It’s a beautiful time of year when we take time to appreciate all that we have. This year our Murder Mystery family would like to invite you into our home to celebrate the holiday; and we promise a calm pleasant meal devoid of our typical dysfunction. Certainly our family has had its issues in the past, but this year it’s different. We’re just your typical, picturesque, warm, loving…perfect family. Why is that so hard to believe? Come and join us as we celebrate family, fun, football, fire arms… oops. Old habits die hard! Don’t miss it!

Cooper House Salad
Pork Roast with gravy and boiled potatoes
Green Beans
Crusty Bread with herbed butter
Desert is chef’s choice
Iced Water and Coffee, your guests bring their own beer, wine or sodas

$35 per person includes dinner and the show

7pm- 8:30ish
Start Date: 2015-11-13
Start Time: 17:00
End Date: 2015-11-14
End Time: 18:45